Inside Mountain Shadows

I want to share this video with you taken by the audio/visual department of the Colorado Springs Fire Department. This footage is incredible, and it gives you a real sense of just how much the agencies who fought the fire that night did to save homes and hold the fire back.

I want to highlight three parts of this video. First, around 3:35 you see the house I mentioned in my last blog post – the one just over the fence from our neighborhood. As sad as it is that they could not save that house, they were able to stop the fire at the house, saving 195 homes near it – including ours specifically.

Next, I want to highlight around 6:45, when they show the breath-taking footage of the burning of the Ashton Park neighborhood. The is the neighborhood where I saw the man clinging to his charred mug. It is devastatingly sad, yet you can also see how hard they worked to save as many homes as possible on that road, and how they held their ground on Flying W Ranch Road. I am incredibly grateful for that line of engines, because this neighborhood is just across Flying W from our own. In two very real ways, I can specifically appreciate and be profoundly thankful for how these men saved my own house.

Finally, I love the way this video ends around 11:03. Can you help cheering when a new, not-even-sworn-in firefighter puts out a roof fire with a garden hose, saving a house? I cheered out loud.

Please watch this video. Please share it. Say a prayer of thanks for these men and what they did.