About Me

222845_2071470949380_2640358_nWelcome! I hope you enjoy the blog!

I’m disciple of Christ, in the reformed protestant tradition, seeking to live every day in light of life-transforming truth of the gospel – seeking how to “preach the gospel to myself every day.” I live for Christ, not myself.

I am married to Austin – an incredible husband who has exceeded all my hopes and girlish daydreams of the past. God placed him in my life in just the right time and place and continues to grow us day by day in our marriage. Our life is truly an adventure. We recently had our first child, a beautiful little girl named Josephine. Joey is so full of joy and shows me every day what it means to receive and give grace and love.

I’m fascinated and amazed by this beautiful, complex, intricate, broken world. I seek not only to know the world around me, but to understand it all in light of the truth of God’s word – even as I long for the return of Christ. Hopefully my writing, and all my life, is summed up in the phrase soli deo gloria: all for the glory of God.