Office Space and Leaves of Gold

I have now finished my second full week of full-time work and I can confidently say that I really enjoy my job. Ironic as it is that such an awkward phone conversationist works in a call center, I’m enjoying the challenge of learning a new industry and the stretching of being daily faced with the outer fringes of my comfort zone. That being said, here are the promised pictures of my very own cubicle!

All mine!

Look who’s on my wall!

And switch.

Fall is my favorite season and Colorado is my favorite place in which to enjoy it. While the hubby worked today, I went up into the mountains with my parents to explore the golden aspen groves. I expected sad colors this year since the draught was so awful, but the colors were incredibly brilliant.

We also found an enormous mine and drove up to the American Eagles Overlook above it to play in the monstrous mine truck tires and the abandoned old mining buildings at the top.

It was absolutely gorgeous up there today, the perfect way to spend a Colorado Fall Saturday!


Hi Ho Hi Ho!

It’s back to work I go!

I got a job! After ten months of not working at all, I dove back in to full-time employment Monday morning when I started the intense training process required for working in an insurance company’s call center. Needless to say, I was nervous during the 10-minute drive to work Monday morning: nervous that full-time work would wear me out, nervous that I would be overwhelmed, nervous that I wouldn’t be good at the job, nervous about answering phones all day every day.

But I have to say that so far I love it. I actually find the insurance industry fascinating. I’ve worked in retail. I’ve worked in banking. And while those industries offered many challenges, I rarely truly enjoyed my time in them. But I have enjoyed this entire week of training and can’t wait to start taking calls next week and applying the information I’ve been learning.

For those who know me, that might seem like an odd statement. You probably know I suffer from little panic attacks every time my phone rings. I often prefer texting to talking. And my phone call “good byes” are painfully awkward. The beautiful thing about a call center, though, is that those awkward moments (notably the hello and goodbye) are scripted. And the middle part of the conversation is mostly limited to the world of insurance claims.

And finally, for the first time in my life, I have my very own cubicle and desk all to myself. I get to decorate it with pictures of my family and husband and bring in a plant if I want. I get to organize my desk drawers and pin up job aids and sticky-notes where they make sense to me. There’s even a sign with my name on it at the entrance. I feel so professional! I’ll try to get a picture or two up later next week 🙂