Mrs. for a year!

We just celebrated our first anniversary this Sunday. It’s hard to believe that we have already been married for over a year! Even though parts of it are a blur, I can still remember our wedding day as if it just happened yesterday.

We have had an incredible year. Unfortunately, I had so many naysayers warn me against marriage during our engagement. I constantly heard things like, “You don’t realize what you’re getting yourself into. Get out now while you still can,” and “The first year of marriage is the worst… just get through it and you’ll be ok,” and “You really aren’t going to get a prenup? What if it doesn’t last?” Well, I’m glad to confidently say that I love what I have “gotten myself into,” I would never go back and change my mind to avoid it while possible, the first year of marriage has been wonderful, and I’m still completely confident that we will never need what a prenup would have arranged for us. I am truly blessed with the best husband a girl could have.

To celebrate the occasion, Austin arranged for us to spend the night in the top tower room of a castle! We spent the night at Glen Eyrie and enjoyed our time on the beautiful, quiet grounds – walking through the gardens and watching the big-horned sheep and wild turkeys. We went out to eat for a nice lunch, then a nice dinner, then breakfast at the castle, then another lunch. He spoils me!

Because we stayed at the castle, we could hike their trails (which normally require an appointment made in advance and a signed release form). So Monday morning we sunscreened up and hiked the breath-taking Queens Canyon up to the Punch Bowls. These particular pools form when snowmelt runs down from the mountains. They are infamous in town for being frigid, and locals like to hike up to them and jump in. I’m proud to say I have done it once. And I am not ashamed to say I will never do it again, nor force anyone else to. Nevertheless, the water is clear, the canyon is just beautiful, and Austin had a blast climbing all over the rocks and making me nervous.

Finally, we came home Monday night and enjoyed a thoroughly nerdy Brummer night in watching Star Wars Episode IV and eating the delicious anniversary cake made fresh for us by the same woman who made our wedding cake. (Neither of us wanted to do the cake-frozen-for-a-year thing.)

So now we’re into year two of many many more to come! I can’t wait to see what adventures God brings our way between now and my next anniversary post in a year!